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Our Best Book Award - voting deadline Friday 24 May

Leicester Libraries are now in the final stages of this year’s Our Best Book award, having enjoyed some fabulous online author sessions which should help your children vote.  Participating schools are asked to carry out individual voting in class in way that works for your school.  Find out more.


The sea starts here

Leicester City Council’s Flooding and Drainage team are pleased to announce that the Sea Starts Here Campaign will restart from 1 September 2020 and we are looking for 20 schools to take part in this year’s project.

Further information

The project aims to increase awareness of the impact of plastic waste (particularly single use plastics) in our river and marine environments by spraying stencils around drains on and around the school grounds. As plastic dropped as litter in our urban environments, ends up in our rivers and seas causing pollution, harm to wildlife as well as contributing to increased flood risk. 

The project is delivered in three parts:  

  1. An assembly introducing the project and topic  
  2. Spray paint stencilling session with a group of 6 – 10 students (usually the Eco-Committee) 
  3. Children design a poster for leaflet to take home to parents to explain the problems of plastics and litter. This can be completed at a separate date/time to parts one and two.  

The project runs for 3 hours and can be delivered as a morning or afternoon session. It is suitable for pupils between Years 3 – 9 and all resources for the event, including safety equipment (goggles, respirators, gloves and shoe covers) will be provided as part of the project. All stencils are sprayed using environmentally friendly, semi-permanent spray paint lasting between 3 – 12 weeks (dependant on weather). 

By taking part in this project, you’ll have a great way to introduce the Marine and Water Eco-Schools topics to students and get them thinking about the impacts of pollution in our urban areas, and the wider impacts this has on our river and marine environments. As well as incredible stencils in and around the school grounds that will act as a reminder to students, teachers and the wider community. 

Having run the project last year, we have gathered some great feedback: 

Councillor Adam Clarke (Deputy City Mayor) said the powerful message…is hard to ignore   


Mrs Hayley Homes (Head Teacher of Overdale Infants Schools) said The Sea Starts Here event has helped the children understand the impact of plastic waste and the need to recycle. They were very enthusiastic…to enhance our eco message to the wider school community 

Given the current challenges regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are flexible in our approach to the delivery of the project and have adapted it to enable digital/remote delivery of the assembly, with activity packs that can be issued to schools. The stencilling session can be delivered at a later date. We are committed to operating the project in accordance with the latest government guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

If you would be interested in taking part in the Sea Starts Here Project, please contact either: 

Please consider the environment.