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Attendance Network

Our spring term meeting takes place on Thursday 29 February at 10am. Join us as we cover essential attendance-related topics. Find out more.


eBikes for schools

close up of a bike pedal with the word electric printed on the metal

In 2021, we promoted an active travel project for all schools. The scheme was aimed at getting school staff out of their cars and trying out an eBike.

Further information

Our commitment

  • We bring you a fleet of 6 electric bikes with cycle bags and helmets on an agreed date & time
  • We provide training for staff to help them use the e-bike
  • We assist with an on-call option in case there are any issues.
  • We give you a hire period of 4 weeks in total! eBikes are able to provide 15+ miles per full charge

School commitment

  • You provide time for 6 staff to participate in training – typically 1-2 hours in an afternoon on the same day that the bikes and equipment is delivered
  • You provide safe and secure bike storage on site
  • Participants engage with students and staff to discuss challenges and benefits of eBikes e.g. through an assemblies or workshop
  • Provide feedback after the month.


  • The cost is £45 per person or £270 for 6 bikes – this can be funded by school or individuals (paid via the school)
  • Small grants available to cover this cost if likely to be a barrier

Training Dates

  • Monday 12 April – Friday 7 May 2021
  • Monday 10 May – Monday 7 June 2021 (including half term)
  • Monday 14 June – Friday 9 July 2021




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