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Our Best Book Award - voting deadline Friday 24 May

Leicester Libraries are now in the final stages of this year’s Our Best Book award, having enjoyed some fabulous online author sessions which should help your children vote.  Participating schools are asked to carry out individual voting in class in way that works for your school.  Find out more.


Wildlife Friendly Schools Project


The Wildlife Friendly Schools Project is a project funded by WWF and Air Wick. Our aim is to connect children and young people with nature while bringing valuable habitats into school grounds.

Further information

We are currently in the second year of this project, and this year we are working with 13 schools in Leicestershire to create valuable habitat for wildlife. 

Last academic year (2022 - 2023) we worked with 6 schools in Leicester and we implemented bat boxes, nest boxes and hedgehog houses. We also planted trees, shrubs and wildlife patches in their school grounds.

This academic year (2023 - 2024) we are expanding on last years aims to create valuable habitat for wildlife. This year we are doing this by creating and maintaining ponds, creating hedgerows, installing nest boxes and more. This will support our key species which are hedgehogs, swifts, redstarts, reptiles, and amphibians. These species were chosen based on Leicester City Councils Biodiversity Action Plan, please see attached for more information on this plan.

Three of the schools this year have been chosen as 'hedgehog champion' schools. With these schools we are running education sessions on how to protect hedgehogs and we will be implementing habitats and hedgehog highways into their school grounds.






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