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NEU strike action

To help us ascertain the impact of the strike action across the city, we are asking all schools to complete an online form. The information will be used to support communication with others about potential school closures and to update our school closures page. Find out more.


Plastic clever schools

Empowering young people for a plastic waste free future. We have an ambition for at least 50% of our school to become Plastic Clever and be the first Plastic Clever City in the UK.

Further information

How does it work?

Plastic Clever Schools provides young people and their teachers with everything they need to become Plastic Clever. Our online platform and interactive workbooks and toolkits help young people to lead their school community through three simple stages: Inspire, Investigate, Act.

  1. Inspire - Learn about plastic and engage the whole school community
  2. Investigate - Understand the problem and bring the right people together to solve it
  3. Act - Deliver school-wide campaigns to wave goodbye to single use plastic

Plastic Clever Schools Leicester Launch - 13 June 2022

Solving the plastic crisis is multigenerational endeavour. Thankfully, we already know young people are up to the challenge.

On 13 June, Common Seas, Kids Against Plastic and Leicester City Council found out how Plastic Clever Schools is equipping young people to lead a plastic waste revolution - and how schools can be part of it.

Further information

If you have any questions or would like any further information about this programme, please get in touch with Laura Barke, Project Officer via email

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