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Your Sustainable Schools education team

All members of the Sustainable Schools education team sat around a table at city hall.

We support schools throughout Leicester on environmental and sustainable education. Your main contact is Lee Jowett, environmental education coordinator for Leicester. Working alongside Lee is education officer Marc Tench, Project Officer Laura Barke, graduate project officer Hollie Campbell, and education project officer for Saving the Saffron Brook, Molly Laycock.

Further information

Lee, Sustainable Schools Manager

My name is Lee Jowett, and I am the Sustainable Schools Manager in the Sustainable Schools Team at Leicester City Council. I have worked for the council September 2014.

I have previously worked as a science teacher for 10 years in three secondary schools in Sheffield. I was responsible for coordinating sustainability & Eco-Schools in 2 of these schools for over 5 years. In that time I worked with many external agencies in supporting the schools’ sustainability ethos such as Sustrans 'Bike It', Fairtrade Schools, International Schools, Sheffield Wildlife Trust and Veolia. Our school was awarded the Green Flag Eco-School Award, Jane Goodall's 'Roots and Shoots' Gold Award, Sheffield Telegraph Sustainable Schools Award Winner, Sheffield Care4Air Award Winner, Fairtrade Schools Award and Full International Schools Award – so it was a very busy time!

Before joining Leicester City Council I completed my MA in teaching and learning focusing on the impact of environmental education. I am a Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach). I chair the environmental, health and wellbeing group in Leicester - a group that brings together individuals who work to improve the health and well-being of students and raise their awareness of environmental issues in Leicester City. I am chair of trustees at the Attenborough Learning Trust in Leicester City (a multi-academy trust of 4 primaries). I have a real passion for engaging students in real life challenges around climate change and the environment by ensuring schools are able to offer quality teaching and learning in these areas. 

My role is to support schools in Leicester to develop their sustainable ethos. If you would like your school to work with me or the team, which I hope you do, please drop me an email or give me a call.  

Contact details

Lee Jowett - Environmental Education Coordinator
Phone: 0116 454 2271

Marc, Eco-Schools Education Officer 

I am a former geography teacher, working for 16 years at schools in Birmingham, London and most recently Warwickshire, where I was also Key Stage 3 co-ordinator for Geography I have a Masters in Education and I am currently studying for an MSc in Wildlife and Conservation Management on a part time basis. 

I also work for Forestry England, initially this was as a volunteer where I shadowed a Community Ranger, but now in a part time position, where I manage visitors, maintain trails, and work with volunteers at a site in the National Forest. 

I work Wednesdays and Fridays for Leicester City Council as an Eco-schools Education Officer, where I will mainly be supporting schools to move through the Bronze, Silver and Green Flag Eco-Schools awards. I look forward to working with the staff and young people of schools in Leicester.  

Contact details 

Marc Tench, Eco-Schools Education Officer 
Phone: 0116 454 6746  

Laura, Project Officer

I am former primary school teacher where I taught predominantly in upper KS2 for nearly four years. I was also the PE coordinator for the school where I pushed to improve children’s overall health and wellbeing through initiatives such as the daily mile. Before teaching, I graduated with a BSc in Psychology and a Primary with Maths Specialism PGCE.  

I love working with young people and helping them to understand the world around them in fun and exciting ways. I have been involved in the Scout Association for many years now and have held different roles within Loughborough district, helping to inspire young people to become more aware of the world around them. I am currently a Beaver Scout Leader but still support in other areas of the movement when possible 

I will be working as a Project Officer in environmental education as part of the Sustainable Schools team and I am really looking forward to getting to know individual schools and helping to engage young people in understanding more about the current climate crisis.  

Contact details

Laura Barke, Project Officer
Phone: 0116 454 7156

Hollie, Graduate Project Officer 

I graduated in Animal Conservation Science (BSc) from the University of Cumbria in July 2020. During that time, I learned a lot about the roles of animals as part of wider ecosystems in the UK and across the world. I also spent one year on placement volunteering as a researcher at a zoo, where I helped to educate visitors of all ages about animals and the conservation issues they are facing. With a particular love for insects and birds, I am interested in small and overlooked habitats and the ways that they can be transformed into havens for our native wildlife.

I am very excited to work alongside the team as a graduate project officer! I hope to help engage the next generation around sustainability and conservation and see the real effects of projects on the environment in Leicester.

Contact details

Hollie Campbell, Graduate Project Officer
Phone: 0116 454 4048

Molly, Education Project Officer - Saving the Saffron Brook

I graduated with an MSc in Primate Behaviour and Conservation in November 2019. During my MSc, I learnt about wildlife conservation on a global level and spent time conducting fieldwork in Tanzania. For my thesis, I worked with a conservation education project in Indonesia which taught school children about conservation issues such as endangered species, deforestation, and unsustainable palm oil. The effectiveness of the programme on children’s attitudes and behaviours showed me the importance of environmental education.

After graduating, I worked as a cover teacher in secondary and primary schools across Sheffield. Additionally, I worked with several conservation groups in Sheffield, where I conducted practical work and engaged with the local community.

I will be the education officer on the Saving Saffron Brook project, whilst also working in partnership with the Sustainable Schools education team. I am looking forward to engaging the young people of Leicester with nature and their local landscape.

Contact details

Molly Laycock, Education Project Officer - Saving the Saffron Brook
Phone: 0116 454 3187


Please consider the environment.