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Schools' Extranet support

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Household support fund

is now open for professional referrals. The grant is funded by the government to support people most in need of help with rising living costs. Find out more


Physical intervention form

All physical interventions in schools need to be recorded through our electronic form. Pink books should be kept for historical records.

Further information

When we hold children (use a physically restrictive intervention) we have the legal duty to report and record.

Completing the physical intervention form

  • There are 5 pages (sections A-E) to complete, at the end of which the form is automatically emailed to the SEMH Team when ‘submitted’
  • There is also the option to add in email addresses of school leaders and DSLs
  • You can print hard copies of the form for school files or save it as a PDF to an electronic file
  • The responsibility of the school, to maintain their own records, will remain a legal requirement.

What do I need to do now?

  1. Share with staff
  2. Click on the link (in step 1) to record a physical intervention
  3. Make a new short-cut on their desktops OR save the link somewhere they can access it / keep the email to hand. When completing the form, it is important to remember that it is a legal document and that completing all the fields is necessary, especially the child’s name. There will be opportunities to click more than one ‘box for several questions.

Technical support

If you do find any difficulties with completing this form or require technical support, please email: or speak with you SEMH Link Teacher.

Please consider the environment.