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Clean Air Day is happening on Thursday 20 June 2024

We will be holding an online information session on Friday 19 April at 10am to help your school choose how to participate this clean air day.


Social emotional and mental health (SEMH) team

We are a group of experienced teachers and practitioners whose role is to promote inclusion, to reduce exclusions from schools and help all children and young people to access learning, manage their relationships and emotional and mental health and achieve their full potential.

Further information

We achieve this by providing advice and support social, emotional, mental health and behaviour needs. We also support schools with training, projects and development work around behaviour and emotional wellbeing e.g. nurture groups, restorative approaches and behaviour policy work.

We also work with Public Health to provide support and training targeted to improve future mental health of the population.  

How we can help?

Around individuals:

  • Visit and observe children and young people in school
  • Provide advice, support and recommendations to school staff about how to support individuals
  • Help to plan, monitor and review provision and plans to support children with SEMH needs e.g. Positive Behaviour Plans, Positive Handling Plans
  • Help to co-ordinate, plan and attend meetings e.g. Pastoral Support Plans (PSP), multi-agency meetings.
  • Direct work with children e.g. pupil interviews, assessments, 1:1 and small group work
  • Delivering a range of therapeutic interventions e.g. Drawing and Talking Therapy, Sunshine Circles, Playtherapy.
  • Liaising with other professionals and the Pupil Referral Unit
  • Providing advice for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Whole school and continuing professional development:

  • Assistance in the development and review of whole school systems around pupils with SEMH
  • Restorative practices
  • Training to develop support for the needs of individuals pupils around their mental health and wellbeing such as Mindfulness and CBT approaches.
  • Establishment and support of Nurture Groups
  • A comprehensive programme of training is available to develop staff’s understanding and skills around SEMH and challenging behaviour e.g. Trauma and Attachment, Supporting Pupils with SEMH in the classroom.
  • Accredited training in Team Teach, which includes safe physical interventions as part of a holistic whole school approach
  • Mentoring and coaching for school staff to support the development of positive behaviour management skills

 For further information the team can be contacted at 

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