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Clean Air Day is happening on Thursday 20 June 2024

We will be holding an online information session on Friday 19 April at 10am to help your school choose how to participate this clean air day.


Assistive technology - non sensory

In Leicester, the quality inclusion team works with settings and schools to ensure that children and young people can fully access school life utilising assistive technology (AT) where needed.

Further information

For a child or young person, support may be available using our assistive technology referral form.

This form is for non-sensory assistive technology only and therefore does not cover technology for vision support or hearing impairment.

Make a referral

A referral to assess a child or young person’s non sensory needs in a school or setting can be made by the school or relevant health care professional by completing the assistive technology referral form and returning it to


For a child or young person's to qualify for an assessment, there must be a proposal for equipment/software which does not fall under Best Endeavours and Reasonable Adjustments (BERA) Framework. Equipment that falls under BERA, such as laptops and iPads, must be purchased by the school.

If a child or young person qualifies for an assessment and the proposed equipment/software is approved, the school will be advised to invoice the finance team with the costs. 

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