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Critical incidents

A critical incident is an event where there has been a sudden, unexpected event that is distressing to pupils and/or staff (in or out of school) which may involve violence, death or serious injury.

Further information

The primary role of the psychology service is to support the setting/school by:

  • Working with key staff in assessing the broad range of needs in the setting/school community as a consequence of the event.
  • Helping the school to identify their own resources
  • Assisting managers in separating trauma planning and management from normal bereavement work.
  • Supporting the Head Teacher/Senior Teacher and Senior Management team (who will be supporting everyone else).
  • Helping the teachers with their own feelings and in supporting their classes.
  • Providing information and advice.

Support includes a three-stage model:

  1. Initial phase (the first 24 to 48 hours),
  2. Second phase (usually the lead up to the funeral if applicable)
  3. Third stage (longer term support and guidance regarding how to deal with the grieving process).

The psychology service does not provide grief counselling for individuals or groups but will assist with the assessment of need and signposting to appropriate agencies for support.

Critical incidents

Please contact the Psychology Service for support and advice regarding a critical incident.

Major incidents

Please contact the local authority Crisis Line in the advent of a major incident: 0116 373 7599

Please consider the environment.