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The service delivers community based work through the Early Help Offer and The City Early Intervention Psychology Support:

Further information

Early Help

EPs from the City Psychology Service provide a consultation and support service as part of the Leicester City Early Help Offer. It is delivered through the Children’s Centre network and staff and is targeted at children and young people who are at risk of social exclusion and underachievement because of their psychological and mental health needs.

Requests for EP involvement are made through the Children Centres and are considered at the Early Help Cluster meetings. The children and families have to be resident in the city.

Therapeutic group work with children as well as training programmes to promote emotional and psychological wellbeing are also be available on a traded services basis to schools and community settings.

The City Early Intervention Psychology Support (CEIPS)

The City Early Intervention Psychology Support (CEIPS) is a CCG funded initiative which aims to promote mental health and well-being in children aged 0 -18. A small team of assistant psychologists are employed through the city council but jointly managed by the Leicester City Psychology Service and Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. The team can offer therapeutic interventions in various settings on an individual or group basis for children and their families.

Requests for involvement of the CEIPS team are through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Access Team process (previously known as the Single Point of Access) or Leicester City Psychology Service.

For further information or an informal discussion regarding requests for involvement please contact the CEIPS team: Telephone: 0116 454 5470.




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