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The service delivers community based work through The City Early Intervention Psychology Support (CEIPS), The Calm Clinic Project, Positive and Peaceful Places, and through Family Hubs and Early Help.

Further information

The City Early Intervention Psychology Support (CEIPS)

The City Early Intervention Psychology Support (CEIPS) is a CCG /Integrated Care Board funded initiative which aims to promote mental health and well-being in children aged 0 -18. A small team of assistant psychologists are employed through the city council and jointly managed by the Leicester City Psychology Service and Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. The team can offer therapeutic interventions in various settings on an individual or group basis for children and their families.

Requests for involvement of the CEIPS team are through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Access Team process (previously known as the Single Point of Access) or Leicester City Psychology Service.

For further information or an informal discussion regarding requests for involvement please contact the CEIPS team: Telephone: 0116 454 5470.

The Calm Clinic Project

This is a brief early intervention programme providing a confidential safe space for children and young people to reflect on their emotional well-being with respect to worries, exam stress, low self-esteem, everyday friendship skills with an assistant psychologist. Small group work or one to one support is offered over a maximum of 4 short sessions to explore and better manage any difficulties or worries children and young people may by experiencing using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework including psychoeducation and practical resources and techniques.

This pilot project will operate within Early Help Clusters and a couple schools will be contacted from within each of the clusters.

Positive and Peaceful Places (Anti-Bullying Strategy and support)

The Mental Health Manager in the Psychology Service leads the council’s Anti-Bullying strategy jointly with the Social and Emotion Mental Health Team to deliver Leicester City’s Children’s Positive and Peaceful Places Charter. This work is funded by the Children’s Trust. Key areas of support and development via a traded offer include:

  • ‘No Outsiders’ training aimed at city primary schools.
  • Children’s Trust Board approved Positive and Peaceful Places Charter.
  • Restorative Approaches Training for city schools.
  • Working with Stonewall and other partners to promote equality.

See link below for the council’s anti-bullying information.

For further information in the first instance please contact Bhavin Pathak, Mental Health Manager on 0116 454 4650 or 0116 454 5463 or email

Family Hubs and Early Help

The City Psychology Service represents the SEND Services on the Multi-Agency Support Panel (MASP) and Early Help casework Panel.

Family Hubs and Early Help Clusters can commission the City Psychology Service to provide therapeutic group work, consultation re ‘stuck cases’ and training, for example Emotion Coaching and Solihull Approach.

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