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Carbon awareness resources

This page contains all of the resources you will need to carry out carbon awareness training in schools. This course has not been formally accredited and therefore must only be used for school pupils. While there is no formal accreditation that goes along with this course, there is plenty of up to date information regarding carbon emissions for pupils to expand their knowledge.

Further information

These resources have been developed for the carbon awareness course. As there is no formal accreditation linked with the course, the timetable and resources act only as suggestions. A timetable for delivery has been put together which shows 5.5 hours of face to face delivery. There is a suggestion for the class teacher to follow up with the carbon classroom activity, which is around 2 hours, plus prior work (carbon footprint calculation) which is 30 minutes. The course has been written by qualified teachers which reflects the relevant knowledge which students will be able to understand. If you are interested in the formal accreditation, please see the Carbon Literacy Resources


Overview and timings (word 37 kb)

Presentation slides (ppt 1.25 mb)

Certificate (pdf 47 kb)

Activity Resources

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