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Details of training offered to schools and other professionals will be made available here.

Further information

Designated teacher network meeting

Our designated teacher network meetings are held termly.

      • New designated teacher training - Wednesday 29 September 2021
      • Designated teacher network meeting - Wednesday 3 November 2021
      • Designated teacher network meeting - Wednesday 2 March 2022
      • Designated teacher network meeting - Wednesday 25 May 2022

Personal education plan training

This training is for designated teachers and other professionals who are involved in the PEP process for looked after children is designed to ensure high quality and affective PEP’s in order to raise educational achievement.


  • To understand the legal framework surrounding the PEP
  • To understand the importance of PEP’s
  • To understand the role of professionals in the PEP
  • To ensure the quality of the PEP

If your interested in accessing this training, please contact the virtual school on

Please consider the environment.