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Pupil premium and pupil premium plus funding

Children who have been eligible for free school meals during the last 6 years and children from other vulnerable groups are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. This is allocated directly to schools following the annual census.

Further information

Children looked after and young people are eligible for pupil premium plus (PP+) funding.  This funding is in the direct control of the Virtual Head and is for the young person, not for the school.  PP+ is managed by the Virtual School and used to improve attainment, narrow the gap and accelerate progress as identified in the young person’s personal education plan (PEP) in consultation with the designated teacher.

Pupil premium plus funding should be used to narrow the gap between the attainment of our looked after children and their peers.  It is allocated with the specific aim of raising levels of achievement and improving outcomes.  It can be used for direct interventions, for example to support improvements in literacy and numeracy or it might focus on building confidence and self-esteem.  

Pupil premium plus funding should be used to provide something specific to the young person that is additional to and different from the provisions a school or setting would usually make for a young person.  Children’s needs may vary over time and therefore a personalised approach is needed. For some children a significant amount will be needed to fund the cost of the support they need.  For example:

  • Children who come into care in an emergency with a fragmented home and education history who are behind academically;
  • Children who move into or out of Leicester who may require additional support;
  • Children with significant and often delayed reaction to abuse and neglect, which may present as complex emotional, social and/or challenging behaviour impacting on progress.

Any request for funding should be discussed and agreed at the child’s PEP meeting however if a need emerges between PEP meetings please contact your virtual school officer.


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