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Virtual School

The Virtual School supports the educational progress of all looked after children and previously looked after, monitoring attendance, attainment and achievement to ensure that their educational success is a top priority in care.

Further information

The Virtual School is responsible for improving the educational attainment of all its looked after children and care leavers, including those that have been placed in schools in other local authorities and for narrowing the gap between the attainment of our children looked after and all children, both locally and nationally.

The Virtual School head is the statutory lead with responsibility for ensuring that arrangements are in place to improve educational experiences and outcomes for all of our looked after children.

What is a Virtual School?

The Virtual School works closely with other professionals, together with parents and carers, to ensure that children receive the best education possible and get the support they need. 

The Virtual School offers training throughout the academic year for Designated Teachers in schools and is also able to discuss the training and development needs of any individual school, Family of Schools or clusters.  We provide training for Designated Teachers with a significant focus on ensuring that all looked after children  between the ages 3 – 18 have a high quality Personal Education Plan (PEP) that secures the right support to drive their progress in learning.

The Virtual School does not exist as a building. Children do not attend it - they remain the responsibility of the school at which they are enrolled. The Virtual School is an organisation which has been created for the effective co-ordination of educational services at a strategic and operational level.

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