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Schools' Extranet support

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Household support fund

is now open for professional referrals. The grant is funded by the government to support people most in need of help with rising living costs. Find out more


New process for requesting statutory assessments

We are pleased to announce that the Education Health Care Plan application process has now launched on our online Professional & Citizen Portals. This has various benefits to all involved i.e. a familiar system to parents as this is the same system used for school admissions, a quicker more efficient process, a record on hand to show various stages completed, removing physical posting and Any Comms+ elements as all correspondence is actioned via the portal.

Further information

All professional requests for a statutory assessment and relevant information must be submitted via the Professional Portal.

Important note:  Applications submitted outside of this process will no longer be actioned. Assessments that are currently in progress prior to this announcement will be completed outside of the portal.

We encourage parents to apply also via the Citizen Portal, for those without internet access the traditional process of course remains.

If you have any queries re the portal please refer to the attached guidance as we hope all answers are here, if your issue please contact


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