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Sustainable Schools celebration evening 2022-23

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Do you have a member of staff, student, parent or volunteer who… Spearheads recycling in school? Raises awareness of litter? Participates in healthy cooking? Always turns up to gardening club, no matter the weather?  Goes that extra mile to walk, cycle or scoot to school?

Further information

Tuesday 10 January 2023 - celebration evening taking place at City Hall, Leicester

With over eight years of environmental education running in the city, this is the third Sustainable Schools Celebration evening, a biennial event to celebrate the hard work and commitment of schools in Leicester.  

Nominations can be made by anyone - individuals, organisations, school staff, governors, parents and students. The deadline for making a nomination is 11.59pm on Friday 9 December 2022.  

In mid-December, the environment health and wellbeing group will select the winners for the evening. The environment, health and wellbeing group is made up of nearly 50 professionals who work within Leicester City Council or organisations that provide environmental, health or well-being services to schools in partnership with the council. 

The nomination categories are:

  • Active Travel Champion 
  • Active Travel School of the Year 
  • Biodiversity Champion 
  • Community and Parental Engagement Champion  
  • Cooking Champion
  • Co-operative Values Champion 
  • Energy Champion
  • Food for Life Champion 
  • Forest School Champion  
  • Global Learning Champion  
  • Growing Champion
  • Health and Wellbeing Champion 
  • Healthy Eating Champion 
  • Litter Champion 
  • Mental Health Champion 
  • Oral Health Champion 
  • Parent 
  • Pastoral Champion  
  • Premises Officer/Site Supervisor  
  • Recycling or Reducing Champion 
  • Senior Leader 
  • Sports Leader of the Year 
  • Student 
  • Teacher 
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Team of the Year
  • Volunteer 
  • Water Champion

Nominees will be invited to the evening by late-December. You can make as many nominations as you wish in as many categories as you wish. 

Make your nomination using the link.



Please consider the environment.