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Switch off your engine (anti-idling campaign)

Switch off your engine is an anti-idling campaign and suite of promotional resources for schools to use to help reduce idling engines outside of the school gates.

Further information

What is the Switch off your engine for cleaner air campaign?

Idling vehicles outside of schools is recognised as one of the biggest contributors to air pollution around schools.

The Switch off your engine for cleaner air campaign has been developed to persuade parents parking around Leicester schools to switch their engines off when dropping off or waiting. It also serves as a reminder to all stationary vehicles outside of the school gates including delivery vehicles and coaches.

This campaign has been developed to be run by your school and supported by the Leicester City Council (LCC).

Campaign resources includes:

  • Temporary A2 posters for school gates and fences
  • A5 bookbag flyers; and
  • Car window stickers

The wider campaign can include:

  • Launch event after school – promoting the campaign at school pick up times
  • Launch assembly Media pack with suggested messaging to parents via newsletters, website and social media
  • Idling monitoring activity, that could be run either before or after school, with a small group of students and teachers.

Find out more or get your school involved

Full details of the Switch off your engine for cleaner air campaign can be downloaded in the school campaign and media packs. For further information and to get your school involved please contact:

Danni Kennell
Air quality education officer

Phone: 0116 454 0166
Mobile: 07732 603 694
Twitter: @EcoSchoolsLCC


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