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Safeguarding in education training offer

The team continue to deliver high quality training courses to all our schools. View the 2023-2024 offer.


What we do?

We work with children 0-5 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, their families and other professionals. We work in Homes, Settings and Schools. We provide a range of training to parents, settings and school staff.

Further information

Home teaching

We aim for parents/carers will feel supported and have a greater understanding of their child’s needs and feel more able to meet their needs.

We will do this through:

  • Providing home teaching and work together with parents and carers
  • Providing advice on children’s learning, language and behaviour
  • Working closely with other professionals working with the child
  • Helping parents understand child development and how they can help their child learn and develop
  • Helping parents to access advice, help and child-care provision in their communities

Early years settings

We provide every Leicester City early years setting has a link teacher known as an Area SENCO.

We will:

  • Support setting SENCOs in developing their role
  • Offer guidance on their SEND policy and procedures
  • Provide training on a range of SEND topics both centrally and at the setting
  • Aid settings with the early identification of children with SEND
  • Advise and support staff in meeting children’s individual needs
  • Advise staff on how to make their setting more inclusive
  • Support settings with the assessments, provision and review of individual children
  • Support settings with transition of children SEND into schools


Every Leicester school has a link EYST teacher for children in nursery and reception classes

We will:

  • Provide training on a range of SEND topics both centrally and in school
  • Advise and support staff in meeting children’s individual needs
  • Attend joint planning meetings twice a year
  • Work closely with the school SENCO and the staff in foundation stage
  • Support staff with the transition of individual children into the foundation stage and liaise with CLCI and SEMH teams for children going into year 1
  • Support schools with the assessments, provision and reviews of individual children
  • Advise school on including children with SEND

Family fun

We offer 'family fun’ every Wednesday morning (term time) at the Early Years Support Centre. This is a stay and play session for families and children on the early years support team caseload. Parents and children can:

  • Pick up helpful ideas and tips
  • Meet other parents
  • Have fun with a wide range of activities

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