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Safeguarding self-audit toolkit

The safeguarding in education team provides schools/colleges with this toolkit to help settings check safeguarding policies, practices, processes and procedures are meeting safeguarding duties effectively.

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Asbestos management workshop

Our Corporate Health and Safety Team held an Asbestos Management Worksop on Wednesday 7 December. A recording of the workshop and supporting documents can be found below.

Further information

Combined results from recent health and safety audit programs have identified asbestos management as an issue with the potential for further improvement and support.  Coincident to this, a national program of HSE Inspections is underway, along with being an issue of trade union scrutiny.  

The workshop provided schools with the opportunity to learn, ask questions and to assist them in ensuring their asbestos management systems are fully compliant and will stand up to the scrutiny of any HSE inspection. 

Supporting documents can be found at the bottom of this page.


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