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Further information

Our resilience team have asked us to share some lessons learnt from an incident at a city school when parent anxiety on learning of the locking down of the school, via social media, posed a risk to the effective management of the situation by trying to remove their children.  Open communication, training, and well defined procedures are essential in minimising confusion and preventing aggressive behaviour.  If you have any further questions the Risk, Emergency and Business Resilience team can be contacted by emailing

The risk management team recommends:

  • Communication channels: Ensure effective communication channels are in place to promptly inform parents of emergency situations
  • Pre-emptive communication: Educate parents about the possibility of lockdowns or invacuations, regularly sharing procedures to enhance their understanding and cooperation
  • Training and Preparedness: Prepare staff with adequate training to handle emergency situations. Ensure all stakeholders are aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • Parental Awareness: Encourage parents to trust in the school’s procedures and avoid rushing to the premises during a lockdown. Emphasise that pupil safety is paramount and that measures are in place to handle emergencies efficiently

By considering these points, schools can proactively address the potential risks associated with parental anxiety during lockdown situations.

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