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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - updated advice

This guidance will assist schools and educational settings for the spring term. View guidance


Heating support for LA maintained schools

With the winter season approaching it is recognised that schools may have difficulty maintaining classroom temperatures whilst ventilating them to published Covid-19 guidance.

Further information

In preparation all schools should be reminded to ensure boilers are serviced, radiator valves and thermostats are functioning, and that window openings are inspected for safety.

Support available

To support this Leicester City Council is enhancing its provision of supplementary heating by holding a stock of heaters that can be provided to schools for additional warmth.  Schools that require supplemental heating are asked to contact Boyd Pick who is the LA’s appointed liaison person on behalf of Children’s Services. Provision is on a ‘priority – needs’ basis which will be determined by Children’s Services.

Our aim is to keep all classroom spaces comfortable and functioning throughout the winter which these measures will help to sustain.

This offer is open to all local authority maintained schools whether they buy BESS services or not.

Please consider the environment.