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SENIF and Element 3 application forms

This page is for schools and early years settings that want to apply for additional funding to support a child or young person with special education needs who does not have an Education Health and Care Plan.

Further information

Prior to applying for additional funding, schools and settings are expected to have met all the requirements of BERA and Element 2 funding (Element 2 funding only applies in F2 and above).

If agreed, funding will commence from the date we received the application form or the date the child / young person starts at your school or setting if you are applying in advance.

Please note, requests for additional funding will not normally be considered where a statutory Education, Health and Care assessment is being undertaken.

How to make a referral

Before you can make a referral you will need to register for a My Leicester Account

  1. Open the online application form
  2. Log in to your My Leicester account
  3. Complete your form

Completing the SENIF application

When completing the application form please select the NCY the pupil will be in when funding starts e.g. if you have a pupil in F1 and you are applying for funding to commence in the coming September complete select F2 as the NCY.

If agreed, funding will commence from the date we received the application form.

If you have any difficulties completing the application form please refer to:

If after referring to the documents above there is still a technical issue preventing you from submitting your application, please email with full details of the issue, include screen shots where appropriate.

Please consider the environment.