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NEU strike action

To help us ascertain the impact of the strike action across the city, we are asking all schools to complete an online form. The information will be used to support communication with others about potential school closures and to update our school closures page. Find out more.

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Induction of new governors

A short summary of the induction process for a new governor within a governing body.

Further information

Helping new governors

New governors receive a formal letter of appointment and some general information on being a governor (including the NGA trigger pack for new governors) from the governor services team.
In addition, your school/governing body should include the following items in your school’s induction procedure:

  • A welcome telephone call from the chair of governors and/or headteacher, giving information about the time and date of the next meeting and the contact point for further information;
  • The opportunity to meet the Headteacher and to visit the school during the working day;
  • The offer of a mentor.  This would ideally be an experienced member of the governing body who would help the new governor in the early stages;
  • An introduction of the new governor at the first formal meeting and support from the chair to help a new governor participate in the business of the meeting;
  • Introductory information about the school and the workings of the governing body.

Checklist of information for new governors

  • The names of other members of the governing body
  • The contact details of the clerk to governors
  • Your latest school prospectus
  • Your latest school profile
  • A calendar of meeting dates for the coming year
  • The minutes of your last 3 governing body meetings
  • Details of the governing body ‘s working practices (eg committee structures etc)
  • Committee membership details
  • A copy of the latest DfE “Guide to the Law”
  • The Instrument of government for your school
  • The latest version of the School improvement plan
  • Your most recent OFSTED inspection and action plans
  • Information on where to access school policies

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