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Schools' Extranet support

Please call us on 0116 454 1120 or email:

Household support fund

is open for referrals from 16 May to 4 September 2022. The grant is funded by the government to support people most in need of help with rising living costs. Schools will act as lead referrers. Find out more


Rix Wiki project

Wiki’s are simple accessible secure and easy to build websites. Wiki’s can be shared with people so they can learn more and better understand how they can support individuals to reach their goals and aspirations.

Further information

Do you know someone with Autism or Learning Disabilities who would benefit from a WIKI – A personalised website that offers easy to use communication methods so the individual and their family / carers can tell their story once and consistently though pictures, videos and text.

If the answer is Yes!

Please share the following links with them so they can see how a WIKI can work

Also share the following local information leaflet and application form to complete if they would like a licence, we have 340 to give out.


Please consider the environment.