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School sports facilities hire

Rocket Youth Sports are looking for school sports facilities to hire.

Further information

Currently, we are looking for school sports facilities for two purposes, schools don't have to match both criteria;

  1. Weekday evening for 5-11yrs gymnastics classes, which would require an hour time slot between 5-7:30pm, running throughout term time. Either a sports hall or dance studio would suffice. We require basic gymnastics equipment such as mats, crash mats, benches and ideally box vaults and springboards. We are willing to pay a security deposit for using the equipment and will take great care using it and always put it away neatly. 
  2. We operate children's multi-sport holiday camps throughout school holidays and are looking for venues to host. We would require an indoor hall area and an outdoor area. It would be ideal if we could have access to varied but basic sports equipment for this

We will run the evening classes for 39 weeks of the year and plan to expand into other sports soon, as well as the returning holiday camps this is a nice source of regular income for schools.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, my contact details are 07595436151, my email is, my name is Stephen Squires.

Please consider the environment.