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Suitable for SEN young people with Autism/SLD/MLD, this fully inclusive musical experience brings together many different styles of music from Rock to Samba, Hip Hop and the spoken word.

Further information

Each session will include playing a variety of instruments e.g. drums, keyboards, guitars and percussion. Technology such as Ableton Push and Soundbeam will also be used to enhance the pieces of music that the young people create. No experience needed, just come along and enjoy making music with others.


11 - 18 years


10am - 12noon


Soft Touch Arts, 50 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 6TF

Further information

For registration and payment enquiries call 0116 305 0400 or email

For any other enquiries call 0116 255 2592 or email

The cost is £30 per term.


To register, go to our website, Click the Make Music menu and then Register online.


Please consider the environment.