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Inclusive provision for SEND pupils in mainstream schools consultation

Leicester City SEND Board have commissioned a revision of the ‘Provision for SEND Pupils in Mainstream Settings/School’ document that was issued to schools in 2013. This document sets out what schools/settings are expected to provide from their delegated funds (ie, Element 1 and 2 funding) for children and young people with SEND and to form baseline criteria upon which to determine applications for top up funding (ie, through either Element 3 funding or an EHC plan).

Further information

Why We Are Consulting

Feedback from school colleagues indicated that this document was difficult to use as part of day to day school practice.

The stated aim for this revision is to provide a more concise description of inclusive good practice that supports:

  • good inclusive practice
  • early intervention and the graduated approach to meeting children and young people’s SEND
  • consistent standards of good practice across all schools
  • school to school moderation and challenge
  • school senior management teams and governors, SENCos and their school colleagues in developing and implementing good practice
  • appropriate decision making to ensure effective support including, where appropriate, top up funding
  • information for parents  and partner agencies on schools’ inclusive practice

Consultation deadline

The closing date for you to give us your response is Thursday 30 June. 

What happens next

We will then publish consultation responses and the document which has been amended in the light of this online prior to implementation.


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