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Global learning library collections

Due to the closure of Forest Lodge Education Centre, the Global Learning Library can no longer be kept together as one large collection. We are proposing that we create a 'virtual' global learning library across the city.

Further information

Judgemeadow College has kindly offered to take some of the collections, however we are looking for homes for book collections focused at primary schools as well as resource boxes which are regularly used. 

We would like to offer the following collections to schools. The 'virtual' collections will be available for colleagues to keep at their own schools but would be expected to share the resources with other schools as and when needed, especially the resource boxes. 

If you would like to be considered to take one or more of the collections please email with your name, school and which collection/s you would like.  Please email no later than the end of Friday 7 December 2018. 

You will be contacted the following week to confirm the collections and the date which they can be collected from Forest Lodge Education Centre. Unfortunately we can not offer delivery of resources.

If you have any questions please email Clare Plumb at

Please note some collections have already been allocated, hence missing photos, some collections have more than one photo.

  1. Holocaust Collection (250 items)
  2. Black History (200 items)
  3. World Arts, Crafts and Music (200 items)
  4. Staff CPD primary (raising achievement – particularly around black and ethnic minority students) (350 items)
  5. CPD/Teaching for diversity, equality and racism – primary (200 items)
  6. Citizenship (50 items)
  7. Migration and refugees (50 items)
  8. SMSC collection 200 items
  9. Festivals (50 items)
  10. Moral Issues and big questions (70 items)
  11. World religions and humanism (120 items)
  12. Christianity (500 items)
  13. Teaching RE (180 items)
  14. Buddhism (50 items)
  15. Jainism (10 items)
  16. Hinduism (120 items)
  17. Sikhism (70 items)
  18. Judaism (120 items)
  19. Islam (150 items)
  20. Baha’i (20 items)
  21. Rastafarianism and Zoroastrianism (10 items)
  22. Geography – country specific (200 items)
  23. Games for language development (60 items)
  24. Language development (generally early years) 60 items
  25. Primary books – multicultural story books (200 items)
  26. Fiction – primary books (100 in each collection)
  27. DVD collection (50 items)
  28. CPD – language bilingualism and language acquisition (300 items)
  29. Primary Dictionaries (150 items) see separate list
  30. MFL schemes of work (French, Spanish German)
  31. Bilingual books (various languages)
  32. Stories and poetry from around the world (250 items)
  33. Big books – religions (60 items)
  34. Big books – multicultural (40 items)
  35. Big books – literacy (60 items)
  36. Drum sets
  37. RE Boxes (11 boxes)
  38. Artefact boxes (19 boxes)
  39. Story sacks
  40. Persona dolls

Please consider the environment.