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To assist headteachers and other key personnel with the management of asbestos in school and with completing their LAMP, a number of workshops are available to book.


Carbon Data Collection from Leicester Schools 2017/18

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Leicester City Council has been reporting its carbon footprint i.e. its emissions of greenhouse gases annually since 2008/09. The council is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has set itself a target to halve emissions from 2008/09 levels by 2025.

Further information

A 30% reduction had been achieved by the end of 2016/17, putting us on track to meet the target so far. The council counts the emissions of city schools in its carbon footprint. For this reason, we are once again asking you to provide us with some information to help us to calculate the carbon footprint.

We would like you to send us information from the financial year 2017/18 (1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018) on your transport, air-conditioning and, if applicable, any information on heating oil and solid fuel that you have used.

Please note that information on gas, electricity and water bills will be collected separately by the Energy Team. They will contact you separately to ask you for information on this.

The form below has been designed for you to input all of the data required. Please download the form and fill in all of the applicable sheets in this spreadsheet. Please mark each sheet with ‘Not Applicable’ from the drop-down menu if a section is not relevant to you.

Deadline and returns

The final deadline for this information to be returned to us is Friday 25 May 2018.

Please email your completed spreadsheet to

If you need any help or guidance or have any questions please email Duncan, or give him a call on 0116 454 2249.



Please consider the environment.